Welcome To CEBS

Care English Boarding School (CEBS) is a co-educational institution in 1993 A.D. (2049 B.S.) CEBS is a socially and academically inspired and has completed nearly one and half  decade of its commitmentto impart, socially transferable education .

Initially located at Siphal in ward no 7 of Kathmandu Metropolis CEBS premise is located now in Gaushala in a congenial environment since 1999. The school is professionally managed by prominent education experts and lays special emphases on the teaching of real core values so that interest in the realistic appreciation of the norms and values of life can be culminated . The school has been able to produce 100% SLC result with distinction.

CEBS is committed to produce citizens capable enough to face the challenges of higher education at a moderate fee structure . Besides CEBS aims at offering students ample opportunities through multifarious activities to discover, enhance and refine their innate talents.

CEBS is a collaborative effort between teachers and guardians. CEBS never compromises in the quality of education, discipline among students and devotion among the teachers . It is guardians friendly in terms of affordability and student friendly in term of opportunities. Well planned and executed interaction between guardians, teachers and managements has helped CEBS to develop itself as a family of its stakeholders.

CEBS strives to have their students excel and the students have made the school proud . It is a home away from home for the students and a place where guardians can find their wards as safe and cared as they are in their own home.

Students of almost all the nationalities in Nepal has found a second home in CEBS and the institution has already attracted volunteers even from faraway places like the United Kingdom , Denmark  and Sweden . CEBS is proudly associated with a number of  educational institutions overseas and has hosted a number of eminent education experts from different countries.